Coffee Regional Medical Center understands that your main concern is feeling better after a hospital stay. We’re here to help you navigate the billing process so you can focus on healing. Our policy is to request payment at the time you receive services. If needed, we also offer help to meet your financial obligations.

Billing for hospital services

Shortly after your discharge, CRMC will submit a claim to your private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. After the insurer(s) pays their portion of the bill, or if the insurer denies payment, you will receive a bill for any unpaid balance.

Understanding Additional Medical Services

In addition to the bill for your hospital services, you may receive one or more bills from specialized physicians who provided care while you were a patient at CRMC. You know your own physician, of course, but you may have also received care or consultation from other specialists such as anesthesiologists, hospitalists, emergency room physicians, radiologists and pathologists (for laboratory tests).

Where to Pay Your CRMC Bill

You can pay your portion of the bill in person, by phone, by mail or online via MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

Pay Online

Pay in person:

CRMC Patient Financial Services Office
196 Westside Drive
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Additional resources:

CRMC Benefit Specialist 912.383.5646

CRMC Anesthesia Billing 800.232.5703

Hospitalist / Practice Plus of Southwest Georgia 229.312.5800

EMBCC Patient Services (ER Physician Billing formerly Coffee Emergency Group) 888.703.3301

Hospitalist Group Billing – Hive Revenue  1-864-208-2389  or log onto and enter the QuickMatch Code found on your statement from Hive Revenue.

Radiological Associates of South Georgia 912.384.6803

Southeastern Pathology Associates 866.801.7177

Standard Charges

Coffee Regional Medical Center is committed to providing meaningful information to our patients related to their financial responsibility for healthcare services. Coffee Regional makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information about the amount patients may be obligated to pay for the services they receive.  Coffee Regional Medical Center works as a community partner to provide high quality, cost-effective healthcare services to our patients.

To ensure pricing transparency, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid requires hospitals to publish standard charges on which patient billing is based.

While Coffee Regional Medical Center has published its master list of patient charges on this web site, we reserve the right to review and update those charges periodically and at least annually to reflect accurate charge information. This information is subject to change without prior notification.

CRMC’s standard gross charges (hospital only) for services are provided in the price list below. The standard charges are not reflective of final patient charges nor does it represent amounts billed to patients.  Each patient’s financial responsibility will vary depending upon insurance coverage and network discounts with payors, deductibles, co-insurance, copays, financial assistance approvals, and services provided for each patient’s unique needs.

The standard price list does not include all costs or charges associated with the service.  The service costs may be represented by multiple charge lines. This list does not include professional fees for physicians or other independent medical practitioners.

A final bill for services rendered at Coffee Regional Medical Center may differ substantially from the information provided on this website.  For an estimate of charges prior to your treatment and an estimate of your financial liability, please call our Patient Access staff at 912-384-1900 ext. 4549.  If you need financial assistance with your medical bills, please call our Financial Counseling department at (912) 383-5614.