As an essential community resource, Coffee Regional Medical Center relies on the latest clinical and information technologies to best serve our patients every day.

Patient Portal

The CRMC patient portal for electronic health records gives patients secure, online access to relevant portions of your health records. Login to the patient portal through the CRMC website to conveniently view, manage, and download lab test results, procedures, allergies, prescribed medications and more.

EarlySense Technology

The EarlySense system provides continuous and contact-free monitoring on all general care patient beds, improving your care with early detection and intervention if there’s a change in your condition, and with better discharge planning.

3D Mammography

Your best chance of surviving breast cancer depends on early detection. Thanks to the efforts of the CRMC Foundation and the generosity of our donors and community, CRMC offers 3D mammography technology. This revolutionary new screening and diagnostic breast-imaging tool improves early detection of breast cancer, ultimately saving lives.


CRMC has one of the largest telemedicine programs in the state of Georgia. Telemedicine allows a our doctors to share your medical record with a sub-specialist in another region, saving you the time and inconvenience of travel. The telemedicine machine operates similarly to FaceTime, so a doctor in another location can help diagnose your condition and provide treatment recommendations.  Your records are also transmitted so the collaborating specialist can view your medical history and current treatment plan. Over 40 physician specialists throughout the Southeast region twork with CRMC’s telemedicine program.

Pharmaceutical Robot

We are extremely proud of our Robotic Pharmacy where patient barcodes, included on wristbands, are matched to Rx barcodes to confirm that the right medications are being delivered to the right patient. This robot automates many pharmacy processes to dramatically reduce the chance of errors in the delivery of medication, while allowing the pharmacy staff more time to spend with your clinical team, thereby improving the quality of clinical care.

Chest Compression System

CRMC was the first hospital and emergency medical service (EMS) in Georgia to provide a portable chest compression system, performing perfect CPR on each patient. These systems are available in the Emergency Department, the ICU and on ambulances.

School-Based Health Clinic

In partnership with the Coffee County Board of Education, CRMC offers a health clinic at Coffee Middle School, staffed with a board-certified nurse practitioner who works directly with school nurses to provide healthcare services to students, faculty and staff. This collaborative effort improves primary care access for children and staff, helps to prevent and manage chronic disease and offers referrals for additional needed services.