The best recommendation comes from word of mouth. Hear what our patients have to say about their positive experiences at Coffee Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Royals wants to know how you feel, how your life is going. He spends whatever time you need, answering questions, explaining things.

It’s good to see a doctor who is humble and thoughtful enough to care so much about my time and feelings.

Dr. Bagwell became like family to me. I would tell anyone, if they want a doctor who listens and cares, I would recommend him.

The environment there is not intimidating… they’ve created a place you don’t dread.

Katie Adams, Clinical Pharmacist

I enjoy the people I work with and their dedication to patients. It’s a wonderful hospital right here in our hometown.

Clay McKinnon, RN, Emergency Room

We have highly trained staff here that is capable of taking care of any medical condition which may arise. Coffee Regional is one of the best at making people better.

Katoria Grady, LPN, Medical

“I love the things that I do here at Coffee regional; I just love everything about it; I just love it- really I do! I love everything about it. We all work as a team to care for our patients.”

Laura Steverson, RN, Director Surgical Services

“I love CRMC because it is big enough to grow, big enough to have exciting opportunities in nursing, but small enough to feel like a family environment. When people are in the hospital they need help the most, and if I can make a difference in that person’s care, that makes my day a good one! You get more hands on nursing care here than at a bigger hospital”

Amanda Fann, Patient Financial Services, 20 years

“They provide an atmosphere where I can advance my career and get more and more education. They foster the environment of mentoring and educating. I am the third generation employee at CRMC.”

Greg Davis, Clinical Pharmacist

“This job affords me the ability to make a definite impact on patients’ lives – whether it be counseling our patients or making recommendations to doctors on medications”