Hospital Medicine: Care When You’re In the Hosptial

What is a Hospitalist?

When you or a loved one needs to spend the night in the hospital you see a number of nurses, clinicians and doctors during the stay. We understand that it is hard to remember everyone’s name and the role they are playing in your care. You want to know who’s in charge and with whom you should talk about your condition and treatment.

That’s why Coffee Regional Medical Center established a hospitalist program. Hospitalists are physicians with advanced training in how to coordinate a patient’s care during his or her hospital stay. If you do not have a private doctor, or if your doctor chooses to admit you to the CRMC, one or more of our Hospitalists will see you every day while you are in the hospital.

We always have a Hospitalist at CRMC, no matter the time. When you are in the hospital, our Hospitalists are responsible for your care and will coordinate the different tests and treatments you are receiving. If you have any questions about your care or treatment, our Hospitalists can talk with you and your family about what is happening and what you can expect.

Hospitalists don’t see patients in a clinic like most doctors, so they are able to manage your care at all hours of the day and night. The Hospitalist also will stay in close touch with your personal physicians, including your specialists, reporting on your condition and progress regularly and notifying him or her if something changes.

And finally, when you are ready to leave the hospital, the Hospitalist will help with your discharge and hand back your medical care to your normal doctors.

Our hospitalists team is highly qualified, so you can rest assured that you are in great hands at all times.

David Arnett, M.D.
Jeff Dockery, M.D.
Conrad Harper, M.D.
Uma Jonnalagadda, M.D.
Stan Sinclair, M.D.
Thet Naing Zaw, M.D.
Shaista Hussain, MD
Charlotte Coggins, M.D.
Jarrod Reynolds, M.D.
Anil Nair, M.D.
Melanie Outlaw, FNP-C
Melissa McLeod, FNP-C
Aristotle P. Cochon, M.D. CMO of CRMC