Pathology Helps Diagnose and Understand Diseases

Pathologists help diagnose and understand diseases through the analysis and examination of small samples of human tissue, bone, blood and other bodily fluids, all performed in a laboratory setting.

Pathologists at Coffee Regional Medical Center provide consultation to physicians from other specialties such as Dermatology, General Surgery, Gynecology, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, by evaluating tissues, cells and fluids received from procedures and surgeries to obtain accurate patient pathologic diagnoses.

CRMC Pathology Laboratory

  • Directed by board-certified pathologists, the lab offers a wide range of tests, from standard blood tests to advanced pathology studies such as complex tissue analysis
  • All tests are performed by state-certified laboratory technologists
  • The lab is fully accredited by The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals (TJC), the American Association of Blood Banks and the College of American Pathology


For more information on the wide range of tests and other pathology services available at CRMC, call 912.384.1900 ext. 4143

Gerson Paull, MD