As a new employee at Coffee Regional Medical Center, you will complete a full orientation process before beginning your first day of work in your department. Employee Health, Orientation and Payroll are all important parts of the first step to becoming part of the CRMC family.

Employee Health

Human Resources will schedule your appointment to review employee health requirements. Please bring the following items to your appointment:

New Hire Forms

After you’ve been offered a position with CRMC, you’ll need to provide the following to HR:

Human Resources will also provide you with New Hire Forms. Please  complete and return to HR before you attend General Orientation.

General Orientation

General Orientation class is held every other Monday beginning at 7:45 a.m. Once you have completed the new hire process, including online orientation, Employee Health requirements and payroll packet, Human Resources will schedule you for the class.

Education and Training

CRMC offers all employees online training and education. Your Human Resources officer will help direct you to the training needed.