Online Access at Coffee Regional Medical Center

At CRMC, you can enjoy complimentary wireless Internet access throughout the hospital. Through our website, you have online access to:

  • Pre-registration
  • Bill pay
  • Job applications
  • A wellness center to track personal fitness
  • Electronic medical records

Where Technology Comes to Life

CRMC has invested in the most advanced and modern technology for our physicians, staff and patients. This ensures accurate diagnosis and the latest treatment options. Benefits include:

  • Computerized physician ordering – We use electronic medical records to ensure all of your medical information and history is kept safe and secure, and is available when needed.
  • Mobile CPR – With over 35,000 visits in our Emergency Department each year, a rapid diagnosis is critical. We are one of the first hospitals in the nation to equip our ambulances with a “Lucus” machine, which provides CPR en route to the hospital and digitally transmits results to the Emergency Department before you arrive.
  • Telemedicine – Specialists in remote locations can examine our heart and stroke patients in the Emergency Room via teleconference, collaborating to provide the most accurate diagnosis and best possible treatment plan.
  • Integrated surgical suites – CRMC offers five, fully integrated surgical operating rooms with the most advanced technology.
  • Robotic Pharmacy – Your patient barcode, included on your wristband, is matched to Rx barcodes to confirm that the right medications are being delivered. This robot automates many pharmacy processes to dramatically reduce the chance of errors in the delivery of medication, while allowing the pharmacy staff more time to spend with your clinical team, thereby improving the quality of clinical care.