Welcome to Women’s Health at Coffee Regional Medical Center! Here, women will find all the resources they need for all ages and stages of life!

In addition to our outstanding team of physicians and mid-levels at CRH Women’s Center, Coffee Regional Medical Center has women’s health services to ensure you are keeping your health at the top of your to-do list.

Labor & Delivery Unit

Our newly renovated mother and baby unit is designed to ensure the comfort and care of our mothers, babies, and family members! Our beautifully designed birthing suites offer safety and comfort to our families, allowing our mothers to labor, deliver, and remain in the comfort of our spacious suites. In addition, each suite offers a full bathroom, a bed for the guest, and a large picture window for beautiful views of our campus.  Our chef ensures that each birth is celebrated with a special steak dinner, offered to Mom & Dad during their stay.

We encourage you to “Room-In” with your baby during your hospital stay. Rooming-In with your baby promotes bonding and increases breastfeeding success rates. Your baby may remain in your room except for a few quick trips to the nursery for health screenings by our nursery staff and your Pediatrician.

We feature 6 Labor & Delivery rooms as well as 5 Women’s Health rooms. We also have a Level 1 Nursery connected to our Women’s Health Unit.

Our highly trained labor & delivery staff work closely with your physician to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. We will guide and support the mother and her support person through the birthing process. If a cesarean section (C-section) is required, the support person may accompany the mother to the operating room unless an emergent condition prevents it.

In addition to the physician, there are two mid-level providers on staff that work exclusively in the labor & delivery unit as an extension to your labor nurses. Our Nurse Practitioners are trained in Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring. We are proud to offer this expertise to our expecting mothers as this provides an additional layer of care for the baby during the delivery process. Your physician, however, will still deliver the baby when it’s time.

Our highly trained labor & delivery staff work closely with your physician to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. If you have questions regarding your delivery, please reach out to us at (912) 384-1900 ext 2380.


Support for our new mothers is simply a phone call away!

  • Childbirth -This information will focus on educating the soon-to-be new mothers on important information regarding the latter stages of pregnancy, labor & delivery, and also care of the mother and baby once the baby arrives. Topics covered include common discomforts of pregnancy, what to expect upon arrival to the hospital, the labor process, explanation of medical terminology, breathing and relaxation techniques during labor, pain relief options, breastfeeding your newborn, care of the newborn, and post-partum care for the mother. Additionally, we offer all expecting Mothers a walking tour of the CRMC labor and delivery unit to familiarize the expectant mother with the facility. Expectant mothers are welcome to bring their spouse, family member or significant other to ensure everyone that will be involved with the labor and delivery process is familiarized with what to expect on the day of delivery as well as the CRMC Labor & Delivery Unit. Simply call the L&D Unit to schedule a tour of the unit. Call (912) 384-1900 and ask to be connected to our L&D Unit.
  • Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding support is available for all expecting and new mothers. Information on preparing to breastfeed, establishing and maintaining your milk supply, pumping, and storage of breast milk, the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn, and more are available. Those interested should call (912) 384-1900 and ask to be connected to our L&D Unit.


Your best chance of surviving breast cancer is early detection. Thanks to the efforts of the CRMC Foundation and the generosity of our donors and community, CRMC offers 3D Mammography technology. This improves the early detection of breast cancer and ultimately saves lives. A mammogram is an imaging test that must be ordered by your physician. This service is offered through our radiology team, who performs mammograms, breast biopsies, ultrasound images, and bone density testing. To find out more, call (912) 383-5682.

Annual FREE breast cancer screening is offered by CRMC. These screenings are held in October of each year, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To find out more about the annual screening event, call CRH Oncology Group at (912) 384-4111

CRH Women’s Center

Our team of providers at CRH Women’s Center are second to none. Collectively they treat all areas of both obstetrics and gynecology. To learn more about their services and specialties visit them online. CRH Women’s Center, click here.

Our Providers

Hali Atkinson Varnedore, FNP-C
Cathy Lee Herrington, FNP-C
Meg Minchew, PA-C
Justin Peterson, M.D.
Steven Diamond, M.D.
Bradley Goldberg, M.D.