Coffee Regional Unveils Naming of it’s Hanna Family Cancer Center

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CRMC Unveils Naming of its Hanna Family Cancer Center  

Douglas, Ga – December 23, 2022 


In 2018, Coffee Regional Medical Center (CRMC) made the initial commitment and charted a plan to provide top-notch Oncology Services for our community. Each year CRMC has committed additional resources and enhanced services to deliver on this goal.  


On Tuesday, December 20th, this goal culminated with the official unveiling and naming of the Hanna Family Cancer Center at Coffee Regional Medical Center.  


The center is named in memory of the Hanna Family’s beloved grandmother, Mrs. Josephine Hanna, who lived most of her adult life in Douglas. She was a leader in her church and the community during this time. She served as President of many organizations, including the Coffee County High School PTA, the Hospital Auxiliary, and the Altar Guild of St. Paul Catholic Church, where she was honored as Catholic Woman of the Year and served as a lector and Eucharistic Minister in the church. She was also a Red Cross volunteer. 


A small ceremony was held, and there, CRMC President and CEO Vicki Lewis shared with the Hanna family the impact their generous donation had on the hospital’s cancer program. The family was given a tour through the beautiful new infusion center, now located on the first floor. Later, City of Douglas Mayor Tony Paulk presented a proclamation to the Hanna family and designated December 20th, 2022, as Hanna Family Day. On behalf of the City of Douglas, Mayor Paulk thanked the family for their generosity and expressed that their gift had enhanced cancer care right here at home.  


The Hanna family expressed that it was their honor and pleasure to be able to give back to a community that helped shape their family. Sharing that their own family had experienced multiple cancer journeys, they said that they truly understood that in a cancer unit is where real life happens. David and Frank Hanna shared, “Our family is incredibly grateful to be involved with the new Cancer Center at Coffee Regional Medical Center.  The Hanna family first came to the Douglas community almost 120 years ago.  Douglas has welcomed and nurtured our family for many generations.  We are thankful that we can give back to the community that did so much for our family.  We believe that Coffee Regional Medical Center is blessed to have wonderful administration and a wonderful medical team working in the new Cancer Center.”   


The new Hanna Family Cancer Center is located on the first floor of Coffee Regional Medical Center, providing ease of access for infusion patients. In addition, the unit is bright and spacious, able to accommodate more patients with a warm, nurturing, and private environment for those receiving care. This space will also enable families to remain close to home, easing their burden during their treatment phase.  


According to the Georgia Cancer Report, about 45,000 Georgians are diagnosed with invasive cancer each year, and it is the second leading cause of death in our state and nation. Thus, CRMC is well-positioned to handle increasing oncology-related services through this new Hanna Family Cancer Center. 


Mrs. Vicki Lewis, CRMC President & CEO explains, “This significant gift from the Hanna Family is very important for our hospital and has allowed us to ensure the very best for our patients during the difficult time surrounding cancer treatment. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Hanna Family for their generosity and help to ensure our community members in rural Georgia receive high-quality oncology care in a healing environment close to home.” 


Pictured below (L to R): David Hanna, Fred Hanna, Margaret Hanna Carnley, & Frank Hanna