Dr. Justin Peterson Recognized with an Exemplary Teaching Award

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April 17, 2024

CRH Women’s Center and Coffee Regional Medical Center proudly congratulate Dr. Justin Peterson for receiving the prestigious Exemplary Teaching Award for the 2022-23 academic year from Augusta University Medical College of Georgia. This accolade recognizes Dr. Peterson’s outstanding contributions to undergraduate medical education, particularly in the field of Women’s Health.

Dr. Peterson collaborates with various medical colleges and universities across Georgia, imparting essential knowledge about women’s health to undergraduate students. Through hands-on experience in his clinic, students gain invaluable skills under Dr. Peterson’s guidance. For him, teaching undergraduates is a deliberate choice, as he emphasizes the significance of quality education delivered by practicing physicians in shaping the success of medical training.

As a vital member of the CRH Women’s Center team, Dr. Peterson advocates for improving rural healthcare. Teaching future doctors is one way he feels he can help. “I believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of where they live,” shared Dr. Peterson. “By teaching future doctors and being part of the CRH Women’s Center team, I’m working towards making that belief a reality in rural communities.”

As a teaching physician, Dr. Peterson has gone above and beyond to create engaging and informative learning experiences for undergraduate medical students visiting his clinic. Through personalized mentorship, he has empowered students to develop a comprehensive understanding of women’s health issues, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to treat the whole patient and determine if Women’s Health will be the field of medicine they pursue.

“Dr. Peterson’s dedication to excellence in teaching is the result of his dedication to quality medical education and to women’s health,” said Vicki Lewis, President and CEO at Coffee Regional Medical Center. “His ability to inspire and educate students while teaching them about the importance of rural health is impressive, and we are proud and happy that his exceptional contributions are recognized with this well-deserved award.”

Dr. Peterson’s influence extends far beyond his clinic and Coffee Regional Medical Center. His compassionate approach to patient care and his efforts to enhance women’s health are one of the reasons he also devotes time to annual mission trips, where he shares his skills and faith. Through his leadership and expertise, Dr. Peterson significantly impacts the lives of patients, students, and colleagues.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Justin Peterson on this outstanding achievement. His dedication to excellence in teaching serves as an inspiration for the entire medical community.