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A trusted source for pregnancy and child-rearing advice

Douglas, GA (July  2016) – We all know that pregnancy and child-rearing advice comes in pairs; as soon as one person tells you their must-follow advice, someone is sure to insist upon its 180-degree opposite.  So unless you’re raising twins and conducting a comparative study in the comfort and relative (in)sanity of your own home, you can usually only follow one set of advice in this matter.  So what does one do with the myriad of (presumably) well-meaning, well-intended advice and the often un-asked-for insight into the wild, wonderful world of bearing and rearing children?

I mean, really… why is it that the woman in the grocery store feels she needs to share her personal birth drama with you? And by the next aisle you have to maneuver your cart to avoid another perfect stranger from touching your belly? You’re not even sure you want your dear husband touching you in the privacy of your own home these days, much less some random woman who’s just come bounding along from the organic produce section in her perfectly fitting gym clothes… Meanwhile, you’re also in yoga pants but that’s just because leggings are currently the only answer to each morning’s recurring battle in front of the mirror. And as you catch a glimpse of yourself, and your ever-growing mid-section, you realize you’re still mulling over the cashier asking you whether you’re going to try for natural or a c-section. When the man – the man! – behind you in line offers his opinion. At some point, you realize it’s all just too much! But who should you listen to? Whose advice should you take and who can you trust?

For now, your best bet is to ask your doctor.

It may seem like an easy out. But that’s your trusted healthcare provider and thankfully they are there for you – and their advice is medically sound and scientifically based. And at Coffee Regional, rest assured knowing you’re not the first mommy-to-be who has surely asked many of those same questions and received reassuring answers time and again from the best prenatal team in South Georgia.

And this is a forum where you can feel free to ask anything…yes, anything…even the question(s) you didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask your sister or best friend. Because honestly, who even knows how to spell hemorrhoids, much less wants to admit they had them?!



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