Could your leg pain be PVD?

Leg pain in older adults can often be a sign of peripheral vascular disease (PVD). PVD is a slow and progressive disorder causing narrowing or blockages of the blood vessels. This narrowing limits the amount of oxygen and nutrients circulating in your body. Leg cramps in older adults are often the result of this poor… read more //

Georgia’s economy is opening, what does that mean for me?

Georgia’s economy is opening, what does that mean for me? The only way to SAFELY open up our economy is to be measured and diligent using the safety precautions that have been in place. Please don’t leave your home without using these precautions each and every time. Hand Washing (thorough, 20 seconds or more). Wear… read more //

Realign Your Spine With Syzygy™

Revolutionary new Stabilization System perfectly aligns three vertebrae Douglas, GA (July  2016) – Patients facing surgery for spondylolisthesis, a spinal condition in which a vertebra slides forward over the bone below, now have a new option for effective treatment. Thanks to the innovative work of Hewatt McGraw (Mac) Sims, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Coffee Regional… read more //


A trusted source for pregnancy and child-rearing advice Douglas, GA (July  2016) – We all know that pregnancy and child-rearing advice comes in pairs; as soon as one person tells you their must-follow advice, someone is sure to insist upon its 180-degree opposite.  So unless you’re raising twins and conducting a comparative study in the comfort and relative (in)sanity… read more //

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

Pregnancy, newborns, and the much-coveted and oft-allusive sleep Douglas, GA (July  2016) – So let’s talk about sleep. Or lack thereof. Once you’re a parent (or if you’re already a parent, then as you already know) your sleep schedule – much like the rest of your daily life – will soon be relegated to a… read more //